The Ultimate Study Buddy: Academic Year Wall Planners

From grade one into university, there is one thing expected from all students: organisation. From their very first homework assignment to their last thesis, students need to be able to manage their time, hit their due dates, and deliver the best work that they’re capable of throughout the academic year. 

Unfortunately, most of us aren’t born with organisational skills. We need to learn them along the way, which is where an academic year wall planner comes in handy. Here’s our breakdown of the best academic wall planners available for students.

Best Wall Planners For Students

From a full student academic year wall planner to term, monthly, and weekly planners, there is a range of student planners out there. While all planners have their strengths and benefits, ultimately the perfect planner for you will depend on your preferences. 

Do you struggle to see past your next deadline? Perhaps you become overwhelmed when there is too much information in front of you. Whether you’re looking for a long-term or short-term planner, we have the solution to your student organisational needs.

Academic Year Wall Planner

First up, we have the ultimate study buddy for any student: theStudent Academic Year Wall Planner. This planner allows you to keep track of every single day in the year, every year, making it perfect for big picture planning. Mark due dates, holidays, extra-curricular events, and more.

By having the entire academic year up on your wall, you’ll never miss another due date. That means no more last-minute study sessions and no all-nighters before the big project is due. Plan ahead right through to the holidays for complete transparency of your academic year.

Term Planner

Want to break down your study organisation into separate terms? ATerm Wall Planner allows you to keep track of single subjects that span up to 12 weeks. By honing in on just one term, you’ll be able to wipe the slate clean between holidays and focus on the classes and due dates at hand.

Monthly Planner

Next up we have one of our most detailed planners that can be applied to almost every organisational situation. TheCommand Centre Wall Planner breaks down an entire month, leaving plenty of space for notes, planning, and more. 

This planner is perfect for students who need an interactive element in their planning. They can jot down to-do lists, keep track of important notes, and plan out their weekly routine in the separate weekly rundown at the top of the planner.

Weekly Planner

Like to take things one week at a time? For those who prefer to plan in the short-term, check out ourWeekly Wall Planner. This is ideal for students who can never remember when and where they need to be on a daily basis. Just the act of filling this planner out every week will jog your memory and help you stay organised for the week to come.

Other Helpful Planners For Students

Need help keeping track of more than just your assessment? We have plenty of wall planners that will help you organise every aspect of your life so that you can prioritise your studies.

To-Do List

Have a million things to do? OurTo-Do List Wall Planner helps you keep track of all your daily and weekly tasks. From cleaning the house and walking the dog to fitting in daily exercise and study, you can tick off your completed tasks for each day and week so that you don’t let anything slip.

Menu Planner

Living off the student menu of ramen noodles and cheap pizza? AMenu Wall Planner will help you change all of that. This compact wall planner is small enough to fit on the fridge while leaving you enough space to plan out your breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Read up on our completeMeal Planning Guide for the secrets to eating well every day.

Looking for more organisational tips and tricks?Our Instagram is a treasure trove filled with Pinterest-worthy wall planners and planning secrets. 

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