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This. This is what makes me happy.

This. This is what makes me happy. Too often we are in such a rush to get the kids to bed that we forget to have fun. Too often one or more of them are mid tantrum due to being tired (or insert reason here...).

They rarely like to play outside by themselves but tonight for some reason they did. They dug in the garden, they made a worksite, they drew with chalk. That gave us enough time to clean up from dinner and actually go outside and have fun with them.

Together we dug. Together we kicked the footy and the soccer ball and watered the garden. We stayed up an hour past their normal bed time and it was quite honestly, the best evening I have had in a long time.

Being a parent is bloody hard work, and in my life as Naval Officer, I had to keep to a pretty tight schedule. We run our household in the same way, almost every night having dinner at the same time, bath, story, bed etc. This is great for routine, but I need to learn to embrace the joy of enjoyment, the joy of the kids having fun, the joy of just spending time, playing. This for me, is very hard, but it is so very important. 

In all the chaos of running a family and running 2 businesses between us, I must remember to stop and enjoy our 2 most wonderful creations xx

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