Too Many Kids To Keep Track Of? Why You Need a Large Family Organiser

Keeping track of any family can be overwhelming. The more kids you have, the more there is to keep track of. On top of the usual organisation that every family can struggle with, you need to contest with conflicting schedules and extra events. With so many kids who all have their own events, hobbies, chores, and commitments, you’re going to need a large family organiser to keep everybody in order. 

The Best Large Family Organiser For Busy Households

If you have a big family, a regular planner or organiser probably isn’t going to cut it. What you need is a large family organiser that’s big enough to accommodate all the goings-on in your household and still has room to spare. Our recommendation would be theLarge Command Centre Wall Planner.

This planner has everything a big family needs. Right in the centre, you’ll find a monthly calendar where you can mark down all your important upcoming dates. Up the top is a weekly schedule for those weekly commitments like piano lessons or soccer practice. On either side, you’ll find plenty of room for notes, chores, menu planning and more. 

It’s your one-stop shop to keep track of every family member, household chore, and commitment. The key is to know how to use it and how to plan for your big family.

How To Plan For Large Families

Menu Planning

Keeping a large family well-fed is no easy task. That’s where menu planning comes in handy. Save countless hours just by writing out a meal plan each week. That’s it! No fancy cooking skills needed, no elaborate meal prep necessary. 

Just writing out a weekly menu means you’ll know exactly what to shop for and you won’t waste time trying to think of what to cook for dinner. No more unnecessary trips to the shops when you find your fridge empty at dinner time. You can also see what’s coming up and maximise your time by, for example, chopping all the onions for the week on the first night or cooking all the rice for the week in one go. 

Colour Coding

The best way to keep track of every kid’s individual schedule is to assign each family member a colour. Mark every chore, event, and task in their own colour so that they can easily see what’s on for them each week. It will also help you to visually see your own schedule and stop you from accidentally double-booking anybody. 

Assign Chores

Make the most out of having a bunch of extra hands by assigning as many chores as you can. Choose easy tasks for the little ones like sweeping or stacking the dishwasher and more complex tasks like doing laundry or cleaning the bathroom for the older kids. The more you can delegate, the more time you’ll save. A colour-coded wall planner makes it easy for your kids to see which chores they need to complete and when.

Encourage Independence

One of the best ways to keep your big family organised is to encourage independence. If all your kids know that they are responsible for doing their own chores and remembering their own events and commitments, it takes some of the responsibility off your shoulders. A large family organiser is great for this. Having everything up on the wall holds each family member accountable and allows them to take control of their own schedule.

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