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Visual Tools To Support NDIS Families

Help your family find their flow with  visual tools tailored to support NDIS Families. Our tools promote independence, reduce frustration and simplify daily routines. Give your family the clarity and control they need to thrive!

Creating a home environment that is accessible and welcoming to NDIS families is within reach! With the right assistive technologies and communication tools, you can streamline your day-to-day activities and focus on a brighter tomorrow. Don't forget to use your NDIS Comms and Info Equipment budget to get the most out of your support plan. 

Visual Tools

Remindables Bag Tags 

Specifically developed for those who are nonverbal, have limited language or find verbal communication difficult in certain situations.Remindables Bag Tags aim to help communicate important messages to others.

More than just a pretty add-on, there is science behind the tags. Combining colour, words and visuals aids memory recall. The varying colours work to help identify and store information while visuals help to retrieve and remember. The reminder in bag tag form keeps the message front of mind decreasing potential anxiety while building independent thinking and confidence. 

Visual Reminders NDIS

Choose from Emotions, Positivity, Anxiety, Express Needs, Affirmations or an Adult set.

NDIS Support Planner 

As a special needs parent, you have SO much on your plate! Appointments, therapy, NDIS paperwork, meds and SO.MUCH.MORE. Give yourself a break from the mental chaos and let our  NDIS Support Planner from Planner Peace lighten the load.

Compact & robust, this clever planner is small enough to fit in your handbag but powerful enough to keep track of the moving parts of your NDIS plan. 

Specifically developed for your unique needs, the additional inserts include:

  • Participant & Funding overview
  • Needs List: consumables, assistive technology and so on 
  • Purchase Lists: Core Supports, Capacity Building, Capital Supports 
  • Invoice Tracking - self-managed and agency managed
  • Budget Tracking - allocated funds for all supports
  • Appointment Scheduling 
  • Weekly Routine Lists 
  • Medical Conditions - diagnosed, reports submitted to NDIS and not-diagnosed
  • Goals & To-Do’s 

Choose from  5 gorgeous coloursand extra inserts for total functionality - don’t miss out!


NDIS Support Planner

Routine Planner - To-Do List 

​​Routines help kids feel secure but for special needs children, predictability is non-negotiable. Mitigate changes to routines and build flexibility with our  visual to-do list. 

Help your child navigate their day by providing verbal step-by-step instructions along with visual tools to simplify instructions.  Our medium to-do list is perfect for a weekly overview and our  small to-do listhelps with daily prompts. 

Remember to praise your kid for getting things done! Once they’ve mastered an item and created a habit, add ‘icing’ to build on success. For example ‘eat breakfast’ might become ‘eat breakfast and put your bowl in the dishwasher’. 

Visual Routine Planner NDIS

Visual Planning Boards 

Manage your month, stay on top of appointments, set reminders and tackle to-do’s while keeping your special needs child in the know with our range of  planning boards. 

Visual supports can be used alongside your  family planner in a range of ways including: 

  • Colour coded reminders 
  • Illustrated to-do’s 
  • Symbols alongside written words 

Consistency is key! If you’re using a certain colour for an activity, keep using it.  Ensure the whole family is across your visual calendar to help with communication as you go. 

Visual Planning Boards NDIS

How To Claim A Wall Planner On The NDIS 

We are registered under the Assistive Technologies and Comms and Info Equipment categories. Many participants also claim directly from their consumables budget.

We are able to process Self Managed, Plan Managed and NDIA Managed invoices.  

To order,  complete our online form ensuring you select ‘NDIS Order’. This will then be processed and you’ll be sent an invoice. You can pay this directly if you are self-managed or send it through to your provider if you are NDIA Managed.

We’ve made purchasing and claiming a smooth process with a dedicated NDIS coordinator, Nadia. You can contact her directly with any enquiries via email at  ndis@dailyorders.com.au

Our NDIS Provider Number is 4050054298 / 4-433J-1345

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