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Watch out! It’s April Fools’ Day

It’s the 1st April – be on guard!

If you’ve never been sucked in by an April Fools’ Day prank, kudos to you, or if you’ve pulled off the best pranks, even bigger kudos!

April Fools’ Day is a great day to have a little fun with those around you. By why do we only do this on the 1st April each year?

There are many theories, but here’s the most believable.

According to some historians, they believe April Fools’ Day dates back to the 1500s. France switched from the Julian calendar (where the new year started on the 1st April) to our Gregorian calendar (where the new year starts on the 1st January).

As the world adjusted, anyone who didn’t remember was ridiculed and viewed as fools.

Imagine getting super excited and inviting all your besties to your new year party, only to have them laugh at you for getting the date wrong. You’d feel like a fool hey?!

Today, no matter the origins, many of us celebrate it as a day of having a bit of fun with our family and friends.

April Fools Day

Here are our top 3 April Fools’ Day prank ideas

(I would not recommend doing these unless you want to get in big trouble!)

  1. Onion toffee apples: Kids love treats – especially toffee apples! Surprise them in the morning with a special treat. But, instead of an apple, switch it out and use an onion. The look on their little faces when they bite into the onion is priceless.
  2. Toy spiders & toilets – the perfect pair: Get up early and place a spider on the toilet seat and make sure you’re ready to hear the screams as your family get up. First thing in the morning scares are the best as no one is ready for that!
  3. Fill someone’s world with balloons: If you’ve got great lung capacity, blow up a heap of balloons. Fill up your partner’s car overnight so when they go to leave in the morning, they’re greeted with a brightly coloured car interior! Or get into the office early and fill up your boss’ office (if you’re game).

April Fools' Day

Here are the internet’s best April Fools’ Day videos:

(But again, not endorsing these so I don't get into trouble!)

And of course, we must share the best prankster of all, Ellen!

She is the original celebrity prankster, and I think this one would be awesome to try with a colleague and a bluetooth headset!

Do you have any funny April Fools’ Day stories to share?

If you’ve got any funny April Fools’ Day stories, or you’ve got an amazing prank you’d love to share, please write it here in the comments.

And if you want to have some fun with your family, put some wacky chores on your Daily Orders planner. Don’t have a planner? Get yours here!

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