Ways I'm not cutting it, and why it's important to Let it Go

Ok, so I'm always banging on about being organised and how wonderful it is, right? Truth is, it is great to have your proverbial 'stuff' in one sock. The reality is though, that sometimes something has to give. Here are the things that are 'giving' in my house at the moment:

1. The garden - we had to have a new retaining wall built last year because the old one was falling down and unfortunately it was taking the house with it. Have we landscaped it? Nup. Have we pulled the weeds on it? Nup.

2. My office - I'm so busy trying to fulfil orders and make sure the website looks wonderful and appealing, and get awesome new products out to you all, and research ways to get organised that the office has well, how do I say it, taken a back seat. Is there bubblewrap at one end, markers at the other and a string of cardboard boxes in between? Yup. Is my husband who is more of a neat freak than I happy about it? 

3. My hair - oh dear, the hair. You know those days when you get out of bed, finally have everyone dressed, fed, teeth brushed and then you look in the mirror and think - bugger it - it goes in a messy bun today? That's right, not even brushed. Well, today was definitely one of those days. It's been bloody freezing here, so I've been in extra comfy clothes and messy buns all around. Makes a change from the neat, tight bun I had to wear whilst in uniform. 

4. Kids rooms - ok, so I re-jigged our daughter's room today and made a bit more room, but the truth is, both of the kids clothes could do with a huck out. I can hear you now, "but you're always saying how to declutter and organise"...yup. I'm like a builder with a crappy house and a plumber with bad water pressure. I'm trying! My husband would say I'm very trying..... :)

5. Me time - Whilst I've finally learnt that I can't do everything myself, I am still working hard on the 'me time' aspect. Business, kids and a travelling husband does not make for a huge amount of me time, but I am pleased to say that I practiced my Sax yesterday for an upcoming gig. The kids loved it and so did I - must remember to do this more. 

I guess what I'm saying is that despite all of the good advice I give out on how and why you should get organised and plan, sometimes life (and an awfully bad case of a chest infection) get in the way. 

Give yourself a break, allow yourself time to breathe, and crack on when you're good and ready. The truth is, you're probably the only one who is REALLY going to care if your hair isn't brushed and the weeds haven't been pulled. For today, and until you're ready, just do an Elsa and Let it go. 

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