What Mums Really Want This Mother’s Day

As lovely as slippers and random candles are if you want to put a smile on Mum’s dial this mother’s day we’ve got the very thing and it all boils down to one central theme: less stress, more calm and some space to breathe. Yup, us mums are well and truly over doing all the things! If you want to give us a great gift this Mother’s Day? Choose one or ALL of the below gift ideas.

A Clean House Without Having To Clean 

The never-ending cleaning is a thorn in our sides. Sure, the kids help, you get your partner in on the action and it gets done but the next minute? It’s in a shambles again. What we really want is someone ELSE to take the lead ALL the time. So, the way we see it, you have two options. 

Option #1 - You do it 

Put togethera list of weekly chores and allocate them to each member of the family (NOT HER!) and get it done. Every single week. 

Option #2 - Get a cleaner 

If you can’t handle the cleaning, find a professional. This includes but isn’t limited to: 

  • Sourcing the cleaner 
  • Paying the cleaner 
  • Tidying before the cleaner arrives 

The most important bit? Leave her out of the logistics completely. I mean she did birth a child (or a few) so…just get it done. 

Mother's Day

Less Stressy Dinners 

After a full day of working, parenting and doing life whipping up a masterpiece is a tall order. Especially when Susie refuses all forms of vegetables and little Tommy hates anything ‘mushy’. Make dinners a breeze for her and your fam. 

Not sure how? We’ve got you covered. 

Option #1 - You do it 

Take over ALL the dinner stuff including but not limited to: 

Trust us, it’s a LOT of work. Our Menu Planners are a great place to get the ball rolling. Spend 10 minutes on a Sunday plotting out your culinary delights, shop accordingly and get busy in the kitchen. 

Option #2 - Outsource what you can 

As much as we’d all love a private chef (can you imagine?!) we’re not Kardashians so you gotta work with what you’ve got. Luckily, there is a heap of options for you to outsource bits of the dinner stress. 

  • Hello Fresh - get everything you need for the week and cook as you go 
  • Dineamic- get pre-made meals delivered 

Again, the key to this gift is doing all the groundwork so she doesn’t have to! 

Mother's Day

An Organised Home 

An organised home is very different to a clean home. The truth is, most of us can’t successfully manage both. The sheer time it takes to clean out wardrobes, organise toys, pretty-up the pantry and upkeep all of those things? Well, it doesn’t exist for busy mums.

Organised home = calm and truly, this will make all the difference to her during the rushed mornings and busy Saturdays. 

Get her a professional organiser and she’ll love you forever. There are HEAPS to choose from but we suggest starting with a local on Airtasker. 

Mother's Day

Less Overwhelm Across The Board 

Anything that reduces overwhelm is a big YES. After school activities, meetings, medical appointments, travel…there’s a lot that goes into running the logistics of family life. Take away some of that chaos and give her calm. 

Our advice?You need a Command Centre. Plan your families monthin advance, colour code it, personalise it and get busy visualising it. It takes a village and this Mother’s Day, BE the village. 

Surprise her by ordering your own command centre for the family and taking on the project manager role. Promise, she’ll be wrapt you’ve taken the initiative!

Mother's Day

A Day To Do Nothing

A whole day, no plans, just rest. Find me a mother who doesn’t crave this! The clincher here is someone needs to get those kids, whip them away and let her choose how to use her newfound freedom. 

Top tip: don’t leave her with a messy house, pressing life admin or the like. Make sure everything is DONE so she can put her feet up without the niggle of ‘things to do’. 

Mother's Day

(me, hopefully doing NOTHING on Mother’s Day!)

Whatever you do, make sure she knows just how loved and appreciated she is. Also, a sleep-in NEVER goes astray. 

Kelly & The Daily Orders Team x

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