Command Centre Wall Planner


The Command Centre planner board is for busy families with so much going on that they need to plan for now and for later all in one spot! Or business owners keeping track of staff, or consultants who are keeping track of their clients. There's a spot for everyone!

There are places for 4 names and their individual to-do list such as chores, a weekly run down of what is happening at the top, a month view, a line to write the month AND room for the menu and Notes. Cool hey? Click through the images to see how to use it.  

Looking for more spaces? Try our Master Command Centre at

Personalisation is $9.95 per sticker as it takes time and love to carefully print and apply them :)

The app that normally does our personalisation is not working properly at the moment. If the charges for the stickers do not appear in the cart/checkout, we will be in contact after we receive your order to ask that you transfer the money to pay for them. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

N.B. Colours of stickers may appear different to what is shown on the screen due to different display resolutions.  Please add an extra 1-2 days for processing of personalised orders as they are hand applied.

Dimensions: Medium 800x600mm in landscape or 600x800mm in portrait 

Top days of the week boxes 62mm L by 76.7mm H Day of the month boxes 62mm L by 82.4mm H Tiny date boxes (mini top right) 20mm L by 21mm H Month line to write on is 185mm long

Made from: Thick gloss black or white acrylic

Weighs: Around 2.5kg for medium

Mounted with: 3M picture hanging strips (supplied)


Dimensions:  Large 1200X600mm in landscape only
Top days of the week boxes 95mm L by 77.5mm H
Day of the month boxes 94mm L by 83mm H
Tiny date boxes (mini top right) 21mm L by 21mm H
Month line to write on is 185mm long

Made from: Thick gloss black or white acrylic

Weighs: Around 4kg for large

Mounted with: Standoffs (supplied - require drilling into wall)


Inclusions:  Planner as shown, Standoffs (requires drilling into walls) for large planner or 3M picture hanging strips for medium planner, and instructions

daily orders planners daily orders planners 3M strips are best used for mounting to painted plasterboard walls. They should not be used with brick, or rendered brick walls, or two-pack surfaces. They can be used on painted, stained or varnished wood, glass, tile, painted cinder block, plaster, metal, and painted wallboard.

1200x600mm planners are supplied with 8 standoffs shown as parts A and E below. Only 6 are required, but we've given you two spares. We also supply screws and wall mate anchors for use in plasterboard walls. We do not supply appropriate wall anchors for other wall materials.

The use of adhesive materials other than standoffs for this size board may not produce a steady writing surface and may lead to a reduction in the quality of the product and an increased fall risk. Further, using 3M picture hanging strips for this sized planner exceeds 3M's recommended dimensions for use.

daily orders plannersdaily orders plannerdaily orders plannerdaily orders planner




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