Monthly Planner Board - Large Size - Portrait or Landscape


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Who is using our Monthly Planner Board?

I hear you - you're the family that has seemingly thousands of things happening and then boom! All of a sudden, months have gone by and you don't even know what's happened. With our Monthly Planner Board, you can keep track of everyone's super important must do or I will simply die (I'm talking teenagers sporting commitments and social activities here...) events. Get them to write what they're planning on doing and dare I say it, do something for themselves!

Got little ones and not teenagers? That's cool too. They can write on the wall without actually writing on the wall. The our Monthly Planner Board notes area gives them space to practice their writing whilst Mum or Dad are cooking dinner. Better yet, there's no mess because it is written on with chalk markers. Kids entertainment and dinner cooked. Win-win!

Our tradies are finding it easier to deconflict their scheduling to make sure everyone appears at the right site at the right time, by using this back at the office. 

Our crossfitters and fitness mad customers are using it to keep track of their healthy eating habits and gym schedules. 

Our Monthly Planner Board is also being used by hundreds of customers as a business planner all over Australia to plan their financial activities, rostering and catering orders for restaurants.

Why not join them?

Monthly Planner Board need to know:

Dimensions: 1200x600mm

Rectangle dimensions for landscape planner: 160mmx70mm

Rectangle dimensions for portrait planner: 160mmx70mm

Made from: Thick gloss acrylic

Weighs: Around 4.0kg

Comes with: Standoffs for mounting, a pencil case (when you buy markers), and instructions for use, and a whole lotta organisational love

Doesn’t come with: Liquid chalk markers, but you can buy them here


We recommend the use of standoffs for safety and stability purposes. The use of adhesive materials other than standoffs for this size board may not produce a steady writing surface and may lead to a reduction in the quality of the product. I'm happy to answer any other questions via email at hello@dailyorders.com.au

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