Weekly Planner Board - Large Size


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Who is using our Large Weekly Planner Boards?

Those that have way too much going on, enough space to mount this monstrous Weekly Planner Board, and who are tearing their hair out because everyone is so damn busy.

We've had busy families, cafes with orders to keep track of, and personal trainers wanting to keep track of their clients fitness results or simply wanting to publish their routine. 

With plenty of room on our large Weekly Planner Board to calm those crazy days and take charge of everything from basketball to the boardroom this is the board for you.

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Need to know:

Dimensions: 1200x600mm

Rectangle dimensions for landscape planner: 285mm wide x 290mm tall

Rectangle dimensions for portrait planner: 290mm wide x 285mm tall

Made from: Thick gloss acrylic

Weighs: Around 4.0kg

Comes with: Standoffs for mounting, a pencil case (when you buy markers), and instructions for use, and a whole lotta organisational love

Doesn’t come with: Liquid chalk markers, but you can buy them here


I've had many questions about whether these boards can be mounted using 3M tape or similar materials. The answer is yes they can, however Daily Orders can provide no assurance to the quality of the adhesive you choose to buy and cannot accept responsibility or liability for the product being mounted on the wall or any other surface, and any potential damage as a result. We recommend the use of standoffs for safety and stability purposes. The use of adhesive materials other than standoffs may not produce a steady writing surface and may lead to a reduction in the quality of the product. I hope this helps answer your questions :) I'm happy to answer any other questions via email at hello@dailyorders.com.au


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