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Daily Orders is committed to being the leading creator of wall planners in Australia. Making the lives of Australian families and businesses run smoother by being organised, through providing carefully crafted acrylic planners, supported by amazing customer service.

Our team

Kelly Walter - Director

Ex-Naval Officer, Wife and Mum of 2, Kelly is the brains behind Daily Orders. Due to health limitations, she focuses on social media and administrative tasks and delights in seeing the glowing reviews from her customers. She is a Sax player, a very unsporty (although very sportsmanlike) person and is unequivocally in love with Cadbury's Marvellous Creations Jelly Popping Candy Beanie chocolate.


Nadia Williams - Operations Manager

Nadia is a tap-dancing wife and mum of 2. After completing her Certificate III in Dental Assisting, and a Diploma of Financial Planning, she was still a bit lost in work. When the opportunity came up to help a friend pack a few boards one evening she didn't think her work/career goals would all fall into place. But the organisational QUEEN in her ignited and she has found her happy place, helping other people fall in love with organisation as much as she has.



Katie Tweedly - Operations Assistant

From making wedding cakes to fostering dogs, Katie had never found just one thing she loved to do but helping others was always a priority.

After meeting Kelly in the school yard they hit it off right away. Katie fell in love with the boards and knew she needed one in her life! Raising four children can be hard but when you’re more organised everything just runs more smoothly!

Katie loved Kelly’s passion for making a product that would take so much stress off a mum's shoulders. No more “what’s for dinner Mum?”

Then all of a sudden she was helping out as well and loving every minute, especially the company of other adults (not little children)!


Located on the Mornington Peninsula and in Melbourne, our small team of 3 is kept busy so if there is a slight delay in responding to emails during the day, we're probably playing with the kids, or more realistically cooking dinner. Don't despair though, we will get onto it that night when they're sound asleep. We strive to ensure that our customer service is a cut above the rest. Sometimes we experience delays with our courier deliveries though, but rest assured that we will be keeping an eye on them.


Since 2015, we've organised over 30,000 families, businesses and government departments all over Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom with our fabulous wall planners. Crafted in Victoria, Australia, our planners are made from a durable gloss acrylic material, meaning they are long lasting and excellent value for money. Forget spending $30 each year on a crappy calendar that no-one will look at again. Daily Orders is an investment in your time and your goals.


Our philosophies

Treating our customers like family is fundamental to how we do business. We treat you as we’d want to be treated, and we treat ourselves to a good day’s work and a good night’s sleep, children's sleep permitting of course. 

Our goals have always been the same: Have fun, do exceptional work, build the best product in the business, experiment, pay attention to the details, treat people right, tell the truth, have a positive impact on the world around us, and keep learning.

We’re also big believers in business 101. We don’t spend more than we earn, we don’t waste money on things that don’t matter, we don’t give away everything for free and hope we’ll figure it out before we run out of cash. We’re here to stay. 

What's with the name?

After almost 15 years in the Australian Defence Force, you get to understand planning. The primary method of communicating what is happening on a daily basis in our units is through a schedule of events called Daily Orders. It is (funnily enough) published daily, and tells everyone exactly what they need to know about the day; meetings, events, who is on Duty, what we're meant to be wearing etc. When anyone asks what time something is occurring, or what time Sunset is, the immediate response is "It's on Daily Orders". I'd like to think that by using that term in households or offices alike, there might just be a thought every once in a while, or even more about our service men and women doing the hard yards at home and abroad, because trust me, when you're out there away from home, every thought counts.

If you do need to get in contact with me about an order, or if you have a question, please email me at and I'll respond as fast as possible. Otherwise, come and visit us on Facebook, join our Secret Club of Organisers or check out our pictures on Instagram.

If you want more time in your life, you've come to the right place. We're here to help, and our results are proven. 

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