It is so hard to run a household and keep the kids on track, whilst still keeping your sanity. I find that if you can achieve one little thing for yourself each day, it can really help lift your mood. What might that be? For me it is lighting a deliciously delectable vanilla caramel candle that sits in the kitchen. The smell fills the whole house and it can make even the worst day a little better. The other thing I like to do is put music on. It is hard to be cranky when you're belting out 'Livin' on a Prayer' by Bon Jovi (or JBJ as he was back then). I'm very pleased to say that our 3yo is learning the words and that this song will be passed to the next generation. 

Daily Orders can assist is running a happy household with a visual representation of something to look forward to. For us, it is ballet for our 'big' girl. What is it for you?