They are made from super shiny gloss acrylic. They will look amazing in your home or office and they are suitable for indoor use only. Please note, they are not magnetic. You can however, stick the small and mini planners on the fridge with the 3m picture hanging strips that we supply.

Our cardboard is 100% recyclable and is made from 61% recylced content from Australian paper mills.

All planners are made in Victoria, Australia. So when you buy, you're not only supporting an Australian Veteran-Owned family business, but Australian manufacturing. Go you!

No - they're a separate purchase so you can buy the 5 pack or the whole accessories bundle.

They sure are. If you buy a small or medium planner, you will get 3M picture hanging strips. If you buy a large planner, you'll get standoffs, screws and wall mates to help you mount them.

Glad you asked! Please see below. 

Before each use, shake the marker pen vigorously until you hear the balls shake free, then continue to shake for several minutes until all contents are mixed thoroughly.

To first prime the nib for use, carefully pump and rock the nib on paper to release the liquid chalk until liquid has covered the nib. Do this at right angles to the ground and away from the writing surface to avoid dribbles and smudging. Work on paper until writing a satisfactory line. Re-saturate the nib as necessary by repeatedly depressing the nib onto paper.

📌 Do not touch writing for five minutes when used at room temperature to ensure adequate drying. Be careful to avoid the printed areas of the Daily Orders board as it will stain the white text. 

📌 To remove the text or any part of it, simply wipe over with a damp cloth. We recommend our Microfibre Cleaning Cloth. If ghosting occurs, try using Windex or Spray and Wipe. Be careful to avoid the printed areas of the Daily Orders board as they will stain. Please avoid any substance with a gritty texture or a rough cloth as this will damage the board. 

📌 Keep nibs and tops of pens clean.

📌 After use, wipe with a clean tissue.

📌 Pen nibs can become ragged when used on rough surfaces, so to preserve their life, only use them on Daily Orders.

📌 Store pens on their side or upright with the cap to the top.

📌 Always ensure the cap is on tight.

Please only use water to clean your planner! For best results, use water with our Microfibre Cleaning Cloths. Simply dampen with water and wipe clean. Use the dry end to polish it dry. Damage caused by using anything else than water will not be covered by Daily Orders.

Please follow the instructions above, and re-saturate the nib as required to ensure that there is adequate liquid flowing to the nib.

The large boards are mounted with a device called a standoff. They are made from a hybrid of aluminium and resin and come in two parts as shown on the product pages. It is crucially important that the A Parts of the standoff (the parts connecting directly to the wall) are securely attached to the wall/substrate. Secure and safe installations require that the wall/substrate anchors used are specifically made for use with the type of wall/substrate at the installation. These anchors are available from hardware stores. 

For this reason, we do not supply anchors and screws because there are a number of different walls and/or substrates types, made from different materials; wood, concrete, brick, hollow etc. There are wall anchors specifically made for use with each type of wall/substrate and we have not seen a universal anchor that functions well across all types of walls/substrates.

The diagram below shows how they work.

If you chose a planner with 3M Command Picture Strips, this one is for you! 3M strips are best used for mounting to painted plasterboard walls. They should not be used with brick, or rendered brick walls, or two-pack surfaces. They can be used on painted, stained or varnished wood, glass, tile, painted cinder block, plaster, metal, and painted wallboard.

⚠️ IMPORTANT: After 1 hour has passed, remount planner to the wall, lining up the strips and pressing fasteners together until they click.

Choose where you want to place the pen holder. This can be anywhere around the edge of the board. Wipe the back of the board with a dry cloth to remove any dust. Peel off the red tape and stick the sticky side to back of the board so that the holes are sitting forward of the board. Once this is stuck, it cannot be moved, so please make sure it is in the right spot. Put the pens in with the cap facing up. This might mean that you have to give the pens a pump on their nib every now and then to make sure the ink stays bright. If you find it better, you could also try mounting the pens upside down.

We ship to Australian addresses only as a matter of course for FREE, but we can definitely talk about international shipping! Just contact us at

Unfortunately we cannot ship to PO Boxes for large planners. We use a courier service with receipted delivery to deliver Daily Orders to your door. If you don't think you'll be home during the day for delivery, you might consider getting Daily Orders delivered to your workplace so you can get it as fast as possible. If you can't do that, don't worry - our courier will leave a card with details to call the local transport depot for re-delivery or pickup if you aren't home. 

We use a courier service and aim to get Daily Orders to you within 10-14 days. If you're in a remote area, it may take a bit longer. Christmas delivery timeframes will be advised on the site.

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