Ready to get your planning mojo back??


Daily Orders - Wall Planners - Are you ready to get your planning mojo back? from Daily Orders on Vimeo.


Here is our manufacturer showing how to install the standoffs, particularly that you need to use a countersunk screw head. 


Here is our very brief installation video. Apologies for my extremely poor editing skills, but you'll see here how to hand screw the resin part of the standoff into the wall, and how to affix the aluminium part of the standoff. Then you get to stand back and see how shiny they are!



See our liquid chalk marker pen review below, and see our write up at our blog

The pictures just don't do the product justice, so click on the video below to see for yourself, just how super glossy our planning boards are.

This video takes you for a longer walk around the board - check it out (Australian shipping is now free!!)