Daily Orders NDIS

Welcome to the Daily Orders information page on NDIS. 

Here are the answers to some FAQ:

Q. Which classes of support are you registered under?

A. Assistive Prod-Household Task and Comms&Info Equipment. We have had many participants claim under their consumables budget.

Q. What is your provider registration number?

A. 4050054298 / 4-433J-1345

Q. How do I buy a planner with NDIS funding?

A. It depends on how your plan is managed, but in most cases, you will need an invoice from us. To obtain an invoice:

  • Please send an email to with the following details:
    • State how the participant is managed (Self, Plan, NDIA)
    • NDIS participant number
    • NDIS participant name
    • NDIS participant birth date
    • Plan start and finish dates
    • Participant's email address if applicable to aid in tracking once the order is dispatched
    • Which items you wish to purchase - provide links and include size/orientation details
    • Please include which accessories you would like - Note - that planners do not come supplied with markers, you will need to request them also - the accessories bundle is the most popular
    • Postal address
    • If NDIA managed, please advise which support category you wish to use the funding from and provide approval to create a service booking and payment request.

    Any other questions? Please email the address above and we will be more than happy to answer as best we can. Thank you!

    Please note: Orders that are returned to sender due to non-collection, mis-addressing or other reasons outside of Daily Orders' control will incur a $19.95 (including GST) administration and re-shipping fee.