Medium Weekly Planners



ARGH! We have run out of 3M strips - we are expecting them in at the start of March, so if you order a board with 3M strips, we will send them out when we get them. I'm so sorry for the inconvenience. We have had a huge rush and used 2000 of them in a couple of months! Thanks for your patience x

Need to know:

Dimensions: 600x800mm

Made from: Thick gloss acrylic

Weighs: Around 2.5kg

Comes with: 3M picture mounting strips or standoffs for mounting, a pencil case, and instructions for use, and a whole lotta organisational love

Doesn’t come with: Liquid chalk markers, but you can buy them here

Shipping: $19.95 for up to two boards

Want to know.....

Sick and tired of the endless questions about what is going on, you might be bumbling through each week, wondering how you actually survived. Then it hit you. BOOM! I need to sort my life out!

Yeah sure, there are calendars, but I bet you never use them after February... I sure don't. 

This wall planner is in your face, bright and bold, and will start a conversation. Instead of impersonal calendar invitations, you can talk to your family members, your colleagues, or heck, even your cat, and discuss what is coming up. Communication and well laid plans lead to lower stress, and that my friends, is good for everyone. 

Want to get organised and lower your stress levels? Join thousands of Australians who have done just that. Add to cart to get started!

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