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Daily Orders Liquid Chalk Markers Neon Accessories Bundle | Neon
Daily Orders Liquid Chalk Markers Neon Accessories Bundle | Neon
Daily Orders Liquid Chalk Markers Neon Accessories Bundle | Neon

Accessories Bundle


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  • Simplify your planning experience with our Accessories Bundle, offering all the essentials in one convenient package.
  • Enjoy effortless organisation with chalk markers that help you express yourself and stay organized on your Daily Orders planner.
  • Experience hassle-free cleaning and storage with our Microfibre Cleaning Cloth and Chalk Marker Holder, making maintenance a breeze.




You'll love this bundle

Vibrant and Engaging Colours

Our liquid chalk markers come in a wide range of vibrant colors, allowing you to unleash your creativity and add a pop of colour to your planner. Our markers deliver bold, eye-catching colours that stand out from across the room.

Write, erase, repeat

Say goodbye to messy chalk residue. Our liquid chalk markers offer effortless erasing with just a damp cloth, leaving behind a clean surface ready for your next masterpiece. Whether you need to make quick edits or completely redo your design, our markers make it simple and convenient.

Non Toxic and Long Lasting

Crafted with premium, non-toxic materials, our liquid chalk markers are built to last. Plus, our markers are odour-free and safe for use in any environment, making them perfect for classrooms, offices, and homes alike.

How do I get my liquid chalk markers to work?

Liquid chalk markers come with a white tip. Before use, shake the marker vigorously to ensure proper mixing of the liquid - you'll hear the ball inside, shake around. Prime the nib by carefully pumping and rocking it on paper, this will allow the ink to flow through the nib. Ensure the area is dry before writing to prevent smudging. Avoid contact with printed areas of the board to prevent staining. Clean with a damp cloth or our Microfibre Cleaning Cloth. Store pens horizontally or upright with the cap on, and always ensure the cap is securely fastened.

Can I use Posca or other paint pens?

How do I clean the liquid chalk marker?

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