Annual Overview


Looking for a place to pop your monthly reminders? Or keep track of things so you're not the Auntie that gets frowned upon for forgetting your niece's birthday? (It may have been me...)

Our Annual Overview Planner shows each month of the year and is perfect for:
  • Birthday Planning
  • Business Reporting Dates
  • Event Planning

Dimensions: 400x600mm for small and 600x800mm for medium.

Made from: Thick gloss acrylic

Weighs: Around 1.8kg for small and 2.5kg for medium

Inclusions: Planner as shown, 3M picture strips for mounting and instructions


daily orders planners

daily orders planner

3M strips are best used for mounting to painted plasterboard walls. They should not be used with brick, or rendered brick walls, or two-pack surfaces. They can be used on painted, stained or varnished wood, glass, tile, painted cinder block, plaster, metal, and painted wallboard.

FREE SHIPPING in Australia!

Depending on your location, we will ship via Courier, or Australia Post. Large Planners however cannot be shipped via Australia Post as they exceed their maximum length. 

You will receive a notification once the order has been booked for shipping and updates when your delivery is on its way. Orders normally take one to two days to be sent and arrive within 7-10 days after that within Australia, unless on pre-order. 

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