Clearance - Personalised Large Wall Planner

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 * SAMPLES and SECONDS * - This Large Personalised Wall Planner has some minor water marks across the surface. These marks do not impact the use of the planner.

Large Planner with room for names/job title/task - 1200x600mm mounted with standoffs (drilled into wall) - This will come with the grid printed as shown.


Dimensions: 1200x600mm

Rectangle dimensions: 135mmx55mm

Made from: Thick gloss acrylic

Weighs: Around 4.0kg


Inclusions: Planner as shown, Standoffs for mounting (requires drilling into walls), and instructions




1200x600mm planners are supplied with 8 standoffs shown as parts A and E below. Only 6 are required, but we've given you two spares. We also supply screws and wall mate anchors for use in plasterboard walls. We do not supply appropriate wall anchors for other wall materials.

The use of adhesive materials other than standoffs for this size board may not produce a steady writing surface and may lead to a reduction in the quality of the product and an increased fall risk. Further, using 3M picture hanging strips for this sized planner exceeds 3M's recommended dimensions for use.


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