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Remindables Bag Tags - Blank Set (10 Tags)

- Personalise your tags to suit your needs
- Visuals help us to better retrieve and remember information.
- Remindables helps develop independent thinking, decrease potential anxiety and build confidence.



  • Blank Tags are available for you to personalise with your own needs, because everyone is an individual
  • Our tags go with you, constantly reminding you of what you need to remember. It is not a list which stays on the fridge, not to be seen once you leave the house. Remindables helps develop independent thinking, decrease potential anxiety and build confidence.

CHILD SAFETY Please be aware that our products contain small parts and may be a swallowing hazard to young children under 4. Careful adult supervision is strongly recommended. Remindables cannot be held accountable for injury or harm caused from misuse of this product.

DISCLAIMER Please understand that due to the nature of printing on our chosen substrate, colours may vary from the pictures shown. This will not impact on the functionality of the item. Our leather strap has been carefully and thoughtfully designed, and also hand crafted, ensuring time and the utmost care is placed into personally assembling each strap that is purchased. Due to the handmade nature of our leather strap, please understand that the strap is unique, therefore subtle imperfections and variations may exist. These variations have no effect on the functionality of the product. Images that are displayed through our site are representative of the product you will receive, and are not exact replicas.

DO YOU HAVE ANY ALLERGIES TO LATEX? Please be aware that our tags come into contact with rubber bands. This would occur during the manufacturing, delivering, storing and packaging process.



This set includes 10 Blank Tags plus a beautifully crafted ink coloured leather strap

We are proud that our tags are made from 100% recycled material (from post-industrial waste) and are 100% recyclable.  They are durable and weather resistant and are 100% designed and created in Melbourne, Australia. 

SPECS: Each tag is 35mm high x 43mm wide x 0.6mm thick.

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The Remindables Bag Tags feature
✔️10 Australian made bag tags
✔️Leather Strap to hang from your bag

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Our planners are lovingly made in Melbourne and packaged just for you.

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Tidiness helps bring calm to your space. With everything recorded in one spot, there is no need for notepads, sticky notes and scrap paper.


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