Organising the Four of Us White Wall Planner


Two of your favourite organising brands have come together to create a brand new design of planner, just for you. Capturing Organising the Four of Us' style, and Daily Orders functionality, we are so proud to bring you our collaboration.

With clean edges, a stylish font and the ability to plan your organising tasks, your menu, or your general to do list all in one place, it will be hard to go past this planner. 

Easily mounted with the supplied 3M Command picture strips, your new weekly planner will be an invaluable addition to your home. Ready to plan?

People who value style and organisation. Those who don't want the depth of colour of the blackboard in their home or office, and those who like a sense of order. Organising the Four of Us' Project 14 participants are going to love the way you can structure your tasks on the board, to make sure you achieve them. Bright, always in front of you, to remind you of what you can, and will achieve with your new found organising skills!

To find out more about Organising the Four of Us and how to organise your home, jump to Leanne's Facebook page here 

Dimensions: 400x600mm (small)

600x800mm  (medium)

Made from: Thick white acrylic

Weighs: 1.8kg (small)


Inclusions: Planner as shown, thin black marker, 3M picture strips for mounting and instructions



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