Organising Your Household with a Monthly Family Wall Planner

By Daily Orders

Jun 12, 2024

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Family life can get busy, messy and let's be honest, a bit chaotic. However, among the ever-growing list of things to do, school runs, work meetings, and soccer practice, a simple yet powerful tool can transform how you manage your household. With a monthly family wall planner, home organisation is simplified.

Family life can get busy, messy and let's be honest, a bit chaotic. However, among the ever-growing list of things to do, school runs, work meetings, and soccer practice, a simple yet powerful tool can transform how you manage your household. With a monthly family wall planner, home organisation is simplified.

You can set up your wall planner in a strategic spot in your home, where every family member can see it. It could be in your kitchen, the hallway, or wherever your family naturally gathers. This monthly planner becomes the central hub for all your family activities. It’s where plans take shape and everyone stays in the loop. Stay on top of any upcoming event, allowing you to be present in each other’s lives and be there for the celebrations.

At Daily Orders, we’ve created this family wall planner to help with balancing individual and family time. It isn’t just about tracking who needs to be where, but finding the space to have quality family time. Block out your schedules for movie nights or weekend picnics. It’s a great foundation for keeping things in check and organised, but more importantly, an amazing way to create moments to connect and recharge together.

Clarity with Colour Coding

Now, let’s add some colour to this picture. With a monthly wall planner, you can assign a colour to each family member to help easily identify each event or task with a family member. This simple colour coding lets you glance at the planner and instantly know who has what coming up. It’s like a traffic light system for your family’s life. Not to mention, it makes the planner personalised to your family.

Another way you can use colours is for different categories. You might want to segregate errands or tasks into sections such as school, work or family time. If you prefer breaking down these to-dos or events into smaller sections, colours will help do this efficiently. A small tip from us so things don’t get too complicated. Set up a colour glossary at any corner of your planner. Every member of your family can easily refer to it to know what each colour means.

Create A Routine for Success

Each day matters when running a busy household. Practising a simple habit such as checking your planner at the start of each day can make a difference to your household. Over breakfast, have a quick family briefing about the day’s events. It’s a great way to ensure everyone knows what’s happening and feels included. Kids can talk about their school activities, parents can discuss work commitments, and you can all adjust to any last-minute changes. This effortless act fosters a strong sense of belonging and teamwork.

Once a month, have a sit-down with the whole family to plan the upcoming month. This monthly routine is important for staying ahead of the game where everyone can have the space to voice out what’s working for them or what isn’t.

Planning helps to have things sorted out, allowing you to take note of anything significant that might be happening. It’s also celebratory, where you plot out big events like birthdays, anniversaries, and school events. Marking out these special moments lets everyone know that they matter. The entire family can anticipate, remember and celebrate these events together.

To make the most of your wall planner, sync it with your digital calendar and make it accessible on your phone. Having a backup of your wall planner on your digital devices is a game-changer. Whether you're at work, running errands, or at the kids' sports game, you can quickly check and update the family schedule. Just a click away from the family plan no matter where you are, it’ll bridge the gap between the physical and digital, ensuring that your family's plans are always at your fingertips.

Flexibility: The Secret to Effective Organisation

Although it can be fun to have every detail organised, remember, no plan is set in stone and a wall planner gives you that freedom and flexibility. Life happens, plans change, and your family planner should adapt to it. Dealing with change calmly will let your kids know that it’s okay to adjust plans as you go. 

You can also provide them with the space to learn about responsibilities with this wall planner. A fantastic tool for teaching kids about responsibility and time management, get them involved with family planning and let them write their activities and tasks on the planner. This will give them a sense of ownership, belonging and pride in their commitments.

Celebrating Success & Acknowledge Achievements

When you’re busy managing a household, it's easy to get caught up in the to-dos and forget the ‘we did it’s. Celebrating successes, big or small, turns your home into a space where achievements are recognised and everyone feels valued.

Every achievement deserves its moment in the sun. Did your youngest finally tie their shoes on their own? Or perhaps someone just nailed a tricky piano piece? These are the victories that often go unnoticed but are worth celebrating. It could be as simple as a high-five or a special sticker on the planner. It’s about acknowledging the effort and the accomplishment.

For the bigger milestones, such as acing an exam, scoring a goal, or completing a significant project at work, amp up the celebrations. Why not have a family movie night, a favourite meal, or a small gift to commemorate the success? These celebrations create happy moments for your family and are a powerful form of positive reinforcement. It builds confidence and encourages your family to keep striving and achieving. It’s also a wonderful way of showing your support, care and love.

Your family wall planner can play a role in this celebration. Jot down the achievements next to the dates. This practice not only serves as a reminder of the good times but also turns your planner into a monthly record of your family’s accomplishments.

Bringing It All Together

A monthly family wall planner is a tool that improves your family lifestyle with better organisation, communication, and harmony in your household. It’s about making each day a little less hectic and a lot more manageable. Try out Daily Orders’ monthly family wall planner for yourselves and feel the difference it brings.

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