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Acrylic Wall Planner Vs. Chalkboard/Whiteboard/Paper Planner

Looking for the perfect wall planner for you and your family? There are plenty of options out there, which can make choosing the right one difficult. We have taken the guesswork out of choosing your next wall planner. This guide breaks down the pros and cons of all your typical wall planners, from the acrylic wall planner to chalkboard, whiteboard, and paper wall planners.

Which Wall Planner Is Right For You?

Chalkboard Wall Planner

First up, we have the old-school family chalkboard organiser, otherwise known as a blackboard. Chalkboards have recently seen a bump in popularity, with families loving the sleek black look and the rustic charm of writing with chalk. It’s easy to dust off your mistakes and a perfectly styled blackboard looks great on Instagram.

Unfortunately, there are a few downsides to the chalkboard wall planner. The chalk itself is messy. It gets all over your fingers, which you’re then likely to wipe on your black pant right before you leave the house. It can also be an issue for those with breathing problems or allergies, so not a good choice if anyone in your family is asthmatic or has hayfever. On top of that, chalkboards look more cluttered and messy each time you dust something off, which means that your picture-perfect planner could soon become an eyesore.

Whiteboard Wall Planner

Next, we have whiteboards. Whether you go with a whiteboard weekly wall planner or a whiteboard yearly wall planner, they are generally easy to use and clean. Dry erase markers come in a range of colours to keep things fun and because of the white background, you’ll be able to clearly see everything you write on the board.

Aside from the classic permanent marker mistake, there are a few other issues with using whiteboard wall planners. First, while the markers themselves are marketed as non-toxic, all bets are off once your little one decides to suck on one, so keep them out of arms reach. Whiteboards are also considered to be less aesthetically pleasing, reminding people of school classrooms. This is why some people opt for clear acrylic wall planners instead, which function in the same way as whiteboards.

Paper Wall Planner

Paper wall planners are an easy DIY or budget option for families. You can pick one up for a low price, or go for the popular look of a roll of butchers paper fastened to the wall. With the DIY option you get the added advantage of ultimate flexibility, allowing you to plan out your day, week, month, or year in any way you choose and change it up every time. 

The issues with paper wall planners are both environmental and functional. While a roll of butchers paper or a set of paper planners will last you a long time, they do create waste and will need to be replaced eventually. On a functional level, while it can be great to personalise your planner every time, it can also be a time waster and chore that stops you from planning altogether.

Acrylic Wall Planner

Last, we have the acrylic wall planner. This one manages to combine all the pros of the above three wall planners. It has the sleek black look of chalkboards, the ease of use of whiteboards, and the optional customisation of paper planners. Acrylic weekly wall planners also fill the gaps the others leave behind. They’re easy to clean, completely reusable, and use non-toxic liquid chalk markers that are suitable for most asthmatics.

Unless you have a specific look or function in mind, acrylic wall planners give you all the pros with none of the cons. If you’re looking for the perfect wall planner for your family,Browse Our Collection. We stock everything from completely blank planners to weekly, monthly, annual, and more. For more awesome tips and guides, check out ourBlog.

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