Creative Ideas For Your Personalised Planning Board

Wish your personalised board had more creative flair? Spicing up your wall planner is easy with just a few simple personalised details. Check out our favourite ways to customise your wall planner, and let us know what you do to add your own personal touch to your organiser. 


A super easy and fun way to add some creativity to your personalised planning board is to colour-code it. Whether you give each member of the family a colour or you colour-code tasks (blue for chores, green for events etc.), colour-coding is a great way to not only organise your planner but also make it look way more exciting. Pick up our5 Pack of Chalk Markers and bring some colour to your schedule.

Develop a Key

If you like the sleek black and white look on your planner, an alternative to colour coding is using a key. By developing different symbols for each task or event, you can easily keep track of what’s going on while reducing clutter on your personalised planning board. A key and symbols can also be used alongside colour-coding for a double whammy of creative organisation.


Plan to Your Personal Needs

Do you find that weekly meal planning doesn’t work for you? Maybe you need hour by hour planning, or you prefer to plan out your time in to-do lists rather than events. Using a personalised planning board lets you completely customise your wall planner to your specific needs. Find out what works best for you, skip the sections you don’t use, and plan it out your way.

Draw Your Day

Love to draw? Why not draw your plans? Certain events, chores, and plans are just as easy to represent through pictures instead of words. Drawing a cake to mark birthdays, a toothbrush for dentist appointments, and a T-Shirt or smelly sock to mark laundry day will add a creative spark to your personalised planning board.

Shake Up Your Layout

Do you find that there is consistently more to do on some days, and less on others? The beauty of a totally personalised planning board is that you can customise it to your specific needs. Take thisAll Purpose Planner, for instance. You could make it into a weekly planner without even leaving a spot for weekends, or give certain days more room than other days that typically have nothing on. Change it week by week according to your ever-shifting schedule.


Use Every Inch

Do you find that there are corners or sections of your personalised planning board that don’t get used? It’s time to fill in those gaps! Whether you come up with a new functional use for the extra space or let your little ones doodle in the corners, filling those gaps will mean that every inch of your planner is going to good use. One way to use that extra space could be to write in an intention, quote, or gratitude. This can serve as a daily reminder, inspiration, or piece of positivity to take with you every day. 

Track Habits

Have any habits you want to work on? Track them on your planner. Set up a habit tracker so that you can check off each day that you have stuck to your new habit. This also works well if you’re working towards a new goal. Check off each day that you make progress so that you can look back at how far you have come once you finally achieve your objective.

Plan the Future, Record the Past

While the main function of a planning board is to plan things, that doesn’t mean it can’t serve other functions. Why not use it to not only plan ahead, but also recap your week, month, or year? Simply wipe away your plans once you’re done with them and write in a highlight of your day, record a memory, or draw something you saw that day. By the end of the week, month, or year, you’ll have a snapshot of each day to look back on before you start the next cycle.

Looking for more wall planner inspiration? Check out ourBlog for organisation tips and more.

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