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That’s Not What It’s Used For: Wooden and Vintage Ladders

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Wooden Ladders. They’re pretty, sturdy and well loved by those who are handy around the house. But did you know they can be decorative, too? Whether it’s your living room, bedroom, or garden, these wooden wonders can bring life to any room once repurposed.

Here are some of the best ways one can repurpose an old wooden ladder at home:

Turn it into a bedside table

Everyone needs a bedside table. Whether it’s for holding your favourite memories, photos of the kids, or charging your phone, a bedside table can keep your precious belongings close to you while you sleep and neatly organised in the bedroom.


Hang it above your kitchen island

Have lots of pots and pans but don’t have the cupboard space? Use a sturdy, wooden ladder to organise all your kitchen items above your kitchen island. Once it’s hung, add some large hooks and voila! You’ve created a new kitchen storage device that looks good, organises your pots and pans and keeps them readily accessible at all times.



Use it to hang things on your laundry, garage or entry / mudroom

Organising where the family hangs jackets or school bags can be an issue if you don’t have much space to begin with. Why not use a wooden ladder? Decorated to match your home, they can be affixed to an internal wall wherever there's a space! Add in wooden or metal elements to help support/hang your footwear, coats, hats, and even your scarves. You can also make half-height one so kids can hang up their own belongings instead of leaving them on the floor.


Give it a green thumb blend

Beautify your home garden by adding a wooden element to them. Use an old, wooden step ladder and add wooden boards in between. It makes the perfect platform for your plants as well as other garden decorations and odds and ends!


Use it to organise your wardrobe

If there’s one thing repurposed wooden ladders are great for use at, it’s hanging items you want to organise. Style your wooden ladder in any size and in any colour you like before placing it atop two shelf hinges. Screw the ladder onto the shelf hinges and there you have it! A space-saving hack for all your wardrobe needs.


Use it to showcase your memories

Fill in the gaps of your traditional ladder with photo frames that display your favourite memories. 


What do you think of our wooden ladder repurposing ideas? If you liked our organisation hack and give it a try - please share a photo on our Facebook page or comment with your thoughts below. For more organisation hacks and tips, please visit our blog today!






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