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Yearly Wall Calendars

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Yearly Wall Calendars

Time moves fast, so it’s easy to forget about events and commitments.

But here at Daily Orders, we never let a hectic life take us by surprise! 

Thanks to our yearly wall calendars you can get ahead of the game and stay organised, all year around.

Manage your budget, track important dates like birthdays and holidays, and enjoy peace-of-mind planning - all in one convenient place.

With our yearly wall calendars, there will be no more flipping through pages to read what’s coming up. Instead, you can view your entire year ahead with just one glance.

Stay Organised in Style With Our Year Wall Calendar 

A year wall calendar is a must-have for anyone who loves to be organised, month on month and year on year. 

Whether it be for school, the office, home or entertainment, a Yearly Wall Calendar is perfect for keeping track of daily tasks and events. 

That’s why you NEED our year wall calendar. It will make sure you are always one step ahead and ready for whatever life has in store for you!

At Daily Orders, we offer a range of calendars, customised to your needs. 

You can even take it up a notch with our stylish markers and accessories to make your year wall calendar as unique as you are.

Looking for more ways to plan your life? Check out our stunning range:

Yearly Wall Calendars FAQs

Should I use chalk or markers on my year wall calendar?

For the best vibrancy and colour, we recommend using liquid chalk markers on your year wall calendar. They’re a lot easier to write with than regular chalk. Not to mention, they will add that finishing touch to make your calendar look like a work of art from every angle.

From funky fluorescents to majestic metallics, you’re bound to find the perfect chalk markers in stock in our store.

How do I attach my year wall calendar to my wall?

Our stylish, hybrid-made standoff mounts come in two aluminium parts. We supply the standoffs and you can drill your large annual calendar to secure it to a wall. Our medium planners are supplied with Command 3M picture hanging strips which are perfect for mounting on painted plasterboard walls. 

Whether wood, concrete, brick or hollow walls/substrates are involved, you can always find what you need at any local hardware shop (like Bunnings). And once these attachments are made securely, it will be time to enjoy our beautiful product on delicate display throughout your space!

How do I use my liquid chalk properly?

Protect your masterpiece with just a few shakes! Before use, give that liquid chalk pen of yours some TLC - shake it up until you hear the ball inside rattle. 

Once ready, carefully prime the nib by rocking it against the paper; make sure this is done on an angle away from where writing will be taking place so no dribbles or smudges sneak in!

After you’ve written on your yearly wall calendar, close your chalk lid tightly and leave your board to dry untouched for at least 5 minutes at room temperature.

Are your yearly wall calendars made in Australia?

Our business proudly makes all of our acrylic wall planners right here in Australia to ensure we are helping the local community while maintaining the highest standards of production. So if you"re looking for a calendar that's both beautiful and well-made, you know where to find us!

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