How to get organised in 5 minutes a day

If you're tired, overwhelmed and struggling to keep on top of things, then this is the e-book for you. Giving you guidance on how to plan, prioritise and goal set, along with super useful checklists and bite size tasks to accomplish every day, this e-book will help you get organised in no time. Who wouldn't want that?

5 Important Things You’ll Learn

  1. How to prioritise, write lists and set goals to achieve everything you need to in a day
  2. How electronic device use impacts achievement of your goals
  3. Quick and easy ways to declutter your spaces and clear your mind
  4. How to clean out your closet to save time, space and money
  5. How to organise your office to increase efficiency


Here's the introduction to help you get the feel of the book:

Time management is a very important aspect of human living. Consider all the things that you need to achieve in a day. Without a plan in place for effective time management, it is impossible to get everything done. You often run from task to task not completely focusing on what you need to achieve but merely attempting to get through the day. Unfortunately, without focus, time management and organisation cannot, and will not, occur.

Time management and organisation will increase your efficiency and your effectiveness. If you’re anything like me, you’re thinking about 1000 things at a time and the thoughts leave your head just as soon as they come in. Getting organised may be a challenge for some, though there is a simple way that you can get started. By simply creating checklists and giving a timeframe for each task, you set yourself manageable goals to be achieved. With this, comes a huge sense of achievement when you can look around and see all that you’ve accomplished within a day rather than ruminating on what could have been.

With this book, allow yourself the freedom to stop worrying about how you will achieve what you need to and instead focus on small chunks of achievable goals to get organised, whether you are at home or in the office.